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Sunrise Medical & Dental Center

Cahalan Avenue / Blossom Hill Road

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Name Address Phone Other Info
Description Hours
Diana Hayes, MA, LMFT 5710 Cahalan Avenue 537-0445
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Dr. Daphne L. Huang, D.P.M. 5710 Cahalan Avenue
Foot Specialist
Jonathan Kim, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue
General Dentistry
Louie A. Kirk, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue 225-6815
Family Dentistry
Vernon Lew, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue
General Dentistry
Dr. Laurence R. Adams & Associates 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Building 1 265-9960
Chiropractic Care
The Foot Specialists / David L. Mednick, D.P.M. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Building 7 227-4777
Fax : 227-006
Foot Specialist 8 am to 6 pm
F.D.A. Dental Laboratory 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 2 224-4630
Fred D. Afshar - Ceramist
Dennis Olson O.D. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 2A 229-2020
Fax : 227-5056
The Dental Connection 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 4 972-2100
Dr. David M. Nye, D.D.S. M/T/Th/Fri: 8-5; Wed: 8-12; Sat. by appointment
Integrated Therapy Associates 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 4Q 227-2993
Sue Cahlander, MFCC/Jan Smith, CMT
Daniel A. Thompson, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 5AA 281-0500
Blossom Hill Dental Office
Michael B. Jones, PhD 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 6 578-3199
Children, Adults, Family Counseling
Roger G. Bummer, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 6A 972-9926
General Dentistry
Richard Haxton Skin Solution & Body Center 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 6B 363-2963
Dr. Victor W. Lee, D.P.M. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 7 274-5656
Foot Specialist
Jeffrey Lee, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 8 578-4600
General Dentistry
Svetlana Naret, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 8J 225-7813
General Dentistry
Benva O. Lazar, D.M.D. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite 9 224-4155
Family Dentistry
Douglas L. Shen, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite A9 226-1300
General Dentistry
Karen Kallmann, O.D. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite B5 225-5935
Youbert Karalian, M.D. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite B7 281-2222
General Medicine & Gynecology Open 6 days a week up to 8pm. Call for appointment.
Kenneth A. Wiener, O.D. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite C 227-6444
Dental Dimensions 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite E 578-0820
Charles E. Moggia, D.D.S. 5710 Cahalan Avenue, Suite K6 578-5911
Family Dentistry

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