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Community News

Community Briefs - Updated December, 2001

Congratulations to local football teams - December 10th, 2001

Congratulations to the OAK GROVE Redwings and the OAK GROVE Rage! The Redwings and Rage just returned from Florida where they won the National Pop Warner Football Championship. The Redwings captured the PEE WEE Division title and the Rage captured the JR. PEE WEE Division title. The two time defending champion Oak Grove Red Devils placed second in the national tournament in the JUNIOR MIDGET division.

Fire in Santa Teresa Hills!
Fire in Santa Tersea Hills - Photo courtesy of Tawny Marie
October 1, 2001 - Photo courtesy of Tawny Marie Ron Horii has more fire photos on a web page he created

2nd Annual CommunityFest a huge success!
Second Annual CommunityFest hosted by Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group - Pictured Highland Merceneries - Photo courtesy of Mike Murphy
Pictured Highland Merceneries - Photo courtesy of Mike Murphy

McWhorter's is open for business again - September 5th, 2001

McWhorter's is open for business again in their same location near the corner of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Bernal Road. The stationery and office supply store is open from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday.

Two police incidents and an accident in our community July 1st, 2001

Last night there were two police incidents in our community. The first one involved occurred in Santa Teresa near San Ignacio Avenue and Cielito Way. Neighbors reported about ten to fifteen police cars responded to the area around 9:00 pm last night. The second incident happened last night at a concert at the Aloha Roller Rink on Blossom Hill Road. We contacted Rubens Dalaison, press officer for the San Jose Police Department, to find out what happened. He reported:

On the 1st inquiry there was a barricade suspect on San Ignacio that was threatening to hurt his father with a knife. Apparently the suspect has a history of psychological issues. after some negotiations the officers used the stun bag gun which did not hit the suspect, but afterwards with more dialog convinced him to surrender peacefully. No one was injured

On the second inquiry, there was an R&B/Rap concert being held at the Aloha skating rink on Blossom Hill Rd. The event was scheduled from 11pm to 3am and at its peak there were up to 600 people. The officers that were working security there called in for more officers when the crowd started to get rowdy out front and gathered in the parking lot of the roller rink and neighboring businesses. Fights started to break out resulting in 3 known victims. One received a stab wound to his leg and was transported to the hospital. This victim also had a $30,000 dollar felony warrant for his arrest and was booked into the main jail. a second victim received injuries to the head from a bottle or sharp object and required medical attention. The 3rd victim was hit in the head w/ a bottle, fell to the ground and in the mean time a car with some passengers were either trying to leave or were intentionally trying to run over the suspect. The driver ran him over, dragging him approx. 30ft into Blossom Hill Rd. where the body dislodged from the car and the driver attempted to leave the scene. Officers were able to stop the car and arrest the driver. At the same time people were trying to move the victim which was the worst thing for him since you should keep them immobilized until paramedics get there and appropriately attend to him. the crowd was fighting viscously amongst themselves and were very aggressive and combative towards the officers as the officers tried to calm everything down and provide medical assistance to the victims. The people there were not very cooperative with the police in trying to find out what caused the fighting or identifying any of the suspects.

We also received an email regarding a serious accident last night as well.

What of the incident around midnight at the intersection of Cottle and Santa Teresa in front of the 76 Station??

6 patrol vehicles, including an SJPD truck, 2 fire engines, 1 fire marshal truck, and 2 ambulances were out front, as well as a SJPD helicopter overhead spotlighting the whole event, to be finished off by the hospital helicopter carrying the injured away to Valley Medical?

It would seem that at least three incidents had occurred last night.

The San Jose Mercury News included a description of this incident in their police blotter section on July 7, 2001.

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE A male driver lost control while traveling east on Santa Teresa Boulevard near Cottle Road after midnight on Tuesday and hit a light pole. The driver was cut out of the car and taken to Valley Medical Center via Life Flight. The driver had a broken nose and smelled of alcohol. The passenger in the car was not hurt. The driver was released pending a district attorney's review for drunken driving.
Santa Teresa High School Swimming Pool open to the public this summer

Santa Teresa swimming pool is open to the public. The cost for a child is $1.00 and for an adult is $2.00 each per day. There is free swimming for everyone on wed. nites between 7pm and 9pm.

Summit Steakhouse to be bulldozed for 57 more hotel rooms?

This was found in the June 5, 2001 City Council Hearing Agenda:

11.6 Public Hearing on planned development rezoning of the corner of Rue Ferrari and Silicon Valley Boulevard.

*Recommendation: PUBLIC HEARING ON PLANNED DEVELOPMENT REZONING of the property located at the northeasterly corner of Rue Ferrari and Silicon Valley Boulevard, from A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District, to allow the demolition of an existing restaurant and the addition of up to 57 new hotel rooms on an existing hotel site on 5.03 gross acres. (Michael Blatt/San Josť Hotel, Owners/Developer). CEQA: Resolution No. 70021. Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement and Planning Commission recommend approval (6-0-1).

PDC 01-02-012 - District 2

Santa Teresa Village Update - March 9, 2001

Quizno's Subs is now open at the Santa Teresa and Bernal shopping center.

Post Office closed at McWhorters on Santa Teresa - February 9, 2001

According to a neighbor, McWhorters is no longer hosting the United States Post Office at their Santa Teresa Boulevard near Bernal Road location.

Aloha Roller Rink closing - January 8, 2001

According to a neighbor, Aloha Roller Rink on Blossom Hill Road will be closing at the end of January. The Blossom Hill Road roller skating facility will be closed for renovations and then reopened as a dance club.

Shopping center updates - December 9, 2000

The new drive-through Jack in the Box across the street from Bernal Plaza is now open.

I think you can hang the no vacancy sign up at the Santa Teresa Village shopping center at the corner of Santa Teresa and Bernal. Quizno's Subs is coming soon to the old Little Caesars Pizza spot which has been vacant for a while.

A SCORE Advantage Center is coming to the Santa Teresa Square right next to the new Starbuck's Coffee that looks like it should be open very soon.

Bernal Plaza Update - December 3, 2000

Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant will open Wednesday, December 6, 2000 at Bernal Plaza on the corner of Bernal Road and Via Del Oro. The restaurant doesn't plan to maildrop coupons just yet as they have had many inquiries as to when they will open, however, coupons for other locations will be honored.

Elegant Corner, A Unique Gift Shop, opened November 21, 2000.

Tbe new Jack in the Box across the street should be open very soon as well.

Coming Soon to Santa Teresa Square - November 3, 2000

Have you noticed commercial buildings that have long been vacant are finally getting new tenants? The former bank building at the Santa Teresa Square shopping center near the corner of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Snell Avenue is being renovated for a Starbuck's Coffee. It looks like it could be open fairly soon.

Coming Soon to Bernal Plaza - October 23, 2000

Elegant Corner (formerly Elegant Clutter) - A Unique Gift Shop hopes to be open within the next two weeks.

San Jose Planning Commission certifies Cisco Coyote Valley campus EIR and recommends project approval - October 6, 2000

After hearing passionate testimony from an additional 40 speakers last night, the San Jose Planning Commission certified the Environmental Impact Report by City Planning staff by a vote of 6-1 for the Cisco Systems Coyote Valley project. The commission also recommended and approved the project so now the project can be voted on by the San Jose City Council later this month on October 24th. The vote to certify came at 11:15 pm.

For the most part, the Planning Commission accepted the project as is but did add some recommendations for the City Council and planning staff to consider. The Commission asked that the project intensify the building structures near the transit corridors and the main roads, revisit more parking garage structures behind the building structures as each phase is developed, and to consider giving planning staff direction to decrease the width of interior roads to encourage a more pedestrian, cycling and transit friendly element of the project. They also strongly encouraged that Light Rail be an accelerated aspect of the project. Ultimately, the vote that sent the project to the San Jose City Council with these provisions was unanimous with one abstention. The meeting concluded at 12:17 am the next morning.

Commissioner Bob Levy was the lone dissenter as he felt the EIR didn't adequately quantify and analyze the overall regional impacts of full build out of Coyote Valley where 50,000 primary jobs would be added to the immediate region and approximately 100,000 secondary jobs added to the overall region. He felt he didn't have enough information to make a decision of overriding concern for the many identified unmitigated impacts of this development.

Coming Soon to Bernal Plaza and Country Square - October 2, 2000

"Elegant Clutter - A Unique Gift Shop" is coming to Bernal Plaza in the storefront between The Muscle Factory and Albertsons. There was no obvious construction going on inside the building yet but there was a sign in the window.

"A-Z Bargain Center" is coming soon to Country Square shopping center at Santa Teresa Boulevard and Cottle Road.

Cahalan Health Foods Going Out of Business Sale - August 19, 2000

I just saw a big sign over the Cahalan Health Food Store saying they were having a going out of business sale. I know Donna will be sorry that they won't be around. This is the second health food related store to disappear in our community. Just recently the nutrition store at Bloom Plaza closed their doors.

The Goodwill Store now open at Santa Teresa Village - July 26, 2000

Although a mailer we received today said The New Goodwill Store will be having their Grand Opening Days August 2, 3,4 and 5, it appears they are already open. Goodwill is located near the El Amigo Restaurant. This year two retail spaces at the Bernal and Santa Teresa shopping center, which had been vacant longer than the seven years I have lived here, have attracted new tenants. Earlier this year, Blockbuster Video took over the old Kinney's Shoes location.

News Alert for Neighbors near Curie Drive
Between Los Pinos Way (Cottle Rd) and Lean Ave - July 18, 2000

A MOUNTAIN LION was seen at 9:00 am this morning on Valroy Street. The lion was seen roaming the neighborhood presumably looking for food and water. The lion is described as a full size young adult.

Valroy Street and Los Pinos neighbors should be especially alert today as the lion is probably trying to make his way home. Keep a close eye on children or keep them in the house until we have word from the authorities that are handling the sighting.

Special Thanks to concerned neighbor and friend L. Brown for reporting to and for contacting the appropriate authorities

While out walking this morning our neighbor and walking companion saw a mountain lion on Valroy Street near Los Pinos Way. The lion looked to be a full size young adult. No threat was made by the lion who just seemed to be cautiously roaming the neighborhood street.

Our neighbor contacted the authorities and was told by Santa Clara Wild Life Center that the lion is probably looking for food and water and that we should 1) bring small pets indoors 2) remove all pet food and water from our yards and garages. When the wild animals can smell the food they hang around, instead of moving on. The authorities have been notified.

Report prepared by Donna Scholz

Note: This sighting was NOT in the hills. This is a neighborhood street. The lion had to leave the hills, cross at least one city street and was a couple of blocks into the neighborhood! The summer months do tempt our wild friends to search for water and food in our neighborhoods and yards. We need to keep a watchful eye on eachother's children and property particularly in the cool morning and evening hours when the animals are most likely to be in search of food and water.

Regal Bagel now open at Bernal Plaza - July 5, 2000

A neighbor just emailed us this morning that Regal Bagel is now open at the Bernal Road and San Ignacio shopping center. The shop is right next to Starbuck's.

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill now open at Bernal Plaza - July 2, 2000

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill opened this past week at the Bernal Road and San Ignacio shopping center. The new restaurant is next to the Postal Annex+ and across from Gold's Gym. The place was pretty busy Friday night.

San Jose Fire Department responds to Marquez Brothers - June 7, 2000

Yesterday morning, San Jose Fire Department responded to Marquez Brothers on Rue Ferrari Drive.

According to Greg Spence, SJFD Interim Public Information Officer, there were only 15 people evacuated (vs. 100 [reported affected]); an ambulance did respond but no one was taken in the ambulance or hospitalized; the Fire Department crew who responded to the call traced the concern to a minor HVAC/AC freon leak issue/problem; and employees were back in the building upon SJFD clearance within 30 to 45 minutes.

Thank you to Andrew Mendoza from Charlotte Powers' office for providing this updated information to the community.

Palmia development zoning change passes unanimously - June 7, 2000

Last night, the San Jose City Council approved the allowable building height for the final phase of the Palmia development from 41 feet to 70 feet. City staff showed an architectural rendering of the project demonstrating that the zoning change is not for additional units to be built, but instead to offer architectural variety. The only components reaching 70 feet are tower elements of the building.

Palmia development on June 6, 2000 City Council Agenda - June 5, 2000

The San Jose City Council will be deciding the Planned Development Rezoning request to change the allowed building height for this area from 41 feet to 70 feet. According to the planning department web site listing: "The Villages of Marieno (Barbaccia Properties)" is a planned development for the construction of 598 multi-family residences and 7500 square feet of commercial uses on a 14.02 gross acre site.

g. PUBLIC HEARING ON CONFORMING PLANNED DEVELOPMENT REZONING of the property located at the northeasterly corner of Palmia Drive and Palm Valley Boulevard, from A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District, to allow an increase in height from 41 feet to 70 feet, and a minor revision to a building setback along Highway 85/Cottle Road for a previously approved attached project on 14.2 gross acres. (Barbaccia Properties, Owner/Developer). CEQA: Pending. Director of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement recommends approval. No Planning Commission action required.

PDC 99-02-011 - District 2

You can review the entire council agenda at:

The planning department listing comes from:

New company in Great Oaks (Old Edenvale) Industrial Park - May 22, 2000

The chain link fence is down at the new two story building at the corner of Santa Teresa Boulevard and San Ignacio Avenue and the networking firm Allegro Networks, Inc. has hung up their banner. Their web site already reflects their new building.

San Jose scout earns Eagle honor
(Story appeared in 5/11/00 San Jose Mercury News)

Shane Truskolaski of San Jose, a senior at Santa Teresa High School, last month earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in Boy Scouts. Truskolaski, a member of Troop 262, got donations for supplies and recruited help in painting the theater at his school.

Shopping center updates - May 11, 2000

The Grand Opening for Marotta's Espresso, Smoothies, Ice Cream and DVD's will be Saturday, May 13, 2000 at the Country Square shopping center at Cottle and Santa Teresa. Marotta's is next to Mountain Mike's Pizza. They will be open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekends.

Yesterday, the San Jose Planning department had a hearing regarding a possible Goodwill Store at Santa Teresa Village Shopping Center.

Santa Teresa Village Update - April 30, 2000

Ernie Reyes' West Coast Martial Arts and Kardio Kickboxing is coming soon to the Santa Teresa Boulveard and Bernal Road shopping center. It looks like they will be open very soon.

Bernal Plaza Update - April 15, 2000

A new restaurant, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, is coming soon to Bernal Plaza. They will be in the rounded building next to the PostalAnnex+ across from Gold's Gym.

Bernal Plaza Update - April 11, 2000

Construction has begun at Bernal Plaza on the corner of Bernal Road and Via Del Oro for a Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant. There is no projected opening date yet.

Construction Accident - March 28, 2000

Around 10:00 this morning, a heavy equipment construction crew struck a gas line resulting in police and fire department personel to consider evacuating the VA Clinic. The accident occurred at the northwest corner of Great Oaks Boulevard and San Ignacio Avenue on the 5.5-acre site which is the future home of the IKOS Systems, Inc. office building directly across from the VA Clinic. Instead of evacuating the VA Clinic, safety officials decided to keep everyone inside the building. Traffic control blocked off traffic to Great Oaks from San Ignacio and Santa Teresa while a PG & E crew capped the leak. By 11:20 AM, traffic returned to normal.

Two new restaurants at Bernal Plaza and one at Santa Teresa Village - March 28, 2000

Fu Kee Chinese Restaurant is now open at the shopping center adjacent to Gold's Gym. Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza will be sharing the building with Hollywood Video and now has their sign up. It looks like they should be open fairly soon.

Sushi Boat Town opened this month at Santa Teresa Village in the old Togo's location on the Chantilley Lane side of Santa Teresa Boulevard.

City Council Election Results - March 8, 2000

Election Results (100% Precincts reporting) - Forrest Williams will face Kathy Chavez Napoli in a November runoff election for San Jose City Council District 2 seat.

Election Results (100% Precincts reporting) - Pat Dando wins reelection for San Jose City Council District 10 seat.

Plaza de Santa Teresa shopping center Update - January 31, 2000

24 Hour Fitness may be coming to the Plaza de Santa Teresa shopping center after all. A decision regarding this on again/off again deal may be known as early as February 2, 2000.

Two new restaurants - January 12, 2000

Outback Steakhouse is now open at Sunrise Plaza. Sunrise Plaza is located on Blossom Hill Road between Cahalan and Blossom.

It looks like In and Out Burger, across from Main Street, is close to opening as landscaping seems to be about all that there is left to complete. The new fast food restaurant is in the Big KMart parking lot.

Oakridge Mall remodeling plans - January 11, 2000

This information came from a neighbor following this story.

Thought you'd like to know that according to Ron Edo (City Planning staff member) there will be a Planning Commission meeting on 1/25 for rezoning Oakridge Mall. This is the first crucial step to implement the changes Westfield has planned. Ron tells me no further community meetings are planned. You may also like to know that a traffic study was completed (PDC 99-10-081). I'm planning on visiting the Planning Department this week to look over the plans and read through the traffic study.

Please share this info with neighbors. Thanks.
Bruce O.

There was a community meeting at the Mall offices in early December that I was unaware of. According to the planning department web page, Oakridge Mall may be expanded by 252,000 square feet. I believe there is suppose to be a parking garage constructed as well.

Rite Aid at Plaza de Santa Teresa - January, 2000

Rite Aid is no longer open 24 hours unfortunately discovered at 8:30 pm on a Sunday night.

Great Oaks business area Update - December 8, 1999

The San Jose Planning Commission will be hearing a planned development zoning request tonight. Sobrato plans to construct two new hotels with a total of up to 219 rooms on a 5.12 gross acre site for Extended Stay America. The property is located on the northerly side of San Ignacio Avenue, approximately 360 feet southeasterly of Great Oaks Boulevard.

IBM / Harry Road development General Plan Amendment - December 8, 1999

Last night the San Jose City Council voted not to approve the General Plan Ammendment change that would have allowed a developer to build 50+ homes on IBM owned land that was promised to be permanent open space when the IBM facility was built about 20 years ago in the Santa Teresa / Almaden hills.

Plaza de Santa Teresa shopping center Update - October 19, 1999

Today, I noticed that McDonald's was dark and not open for business. Odd that they were closed already since the McDonald's at Bernal Plaza isn't open for business yet. A sign on the chain link fence surrounding the McDonald's at Bernal Plaza says "Opening Soon."

Plaza de Santa Teresa shopping center Update - October 10, 1999

Tom Wilson of Duckett-Wilson, the property manager and primary owner of the shopping center, has contacted Elizabeth Cord of the Santa Teresa Citizens Action Group recently. He told Ms. Cord that the deal to bring 24 Hour Fitness to the shopping center has fallen through. The parties involved and the city of San Jose did not come to an acceptable agreement. In addition, McDonalds has informed Duckett-Wilson that they will be leaving Plaza de Santa Teresa for the new shopping center at Bernal Plaza.

Bloom Plaza Update - September 22, 1999

Lisa Day wanted to pass along that Pet Club on Blossom Hill Road and Snell is now open. The store carries many brands of pet food and the prices are competitive with other pet supply stores. The only catch -- they don't take credit cards. I guess that's how they can have lower prices.

Bernal Plaza Update - September 18, 1999

There is a store sign next to Gold's Gym for Fu Kee Chinese Restaurant.

Monterey Plaza Shopping Center - September 14, 1999

Hollywood Video and Dollar Tree have signs that they will be opening soon at the shopping center. Dollar Tree is the same store that is at Plaza de Santa Teresa which was formally known as 98 Cent Clearance. Also Cigarettes Cheaper has opened in place of Sweet Retreat Ice Cream recently.

Santa Teresa Village update - September 13, 1999

Blockbuster is coming soon in the building next to Flames Coffee Shop. This building has been vacant for over six years and used to be a Kinney's Shoes.

Driving range (Oakridge) at Cottle and 85 - August 16, 1999

According to a new story reported on Channel 11 television news this evening, the driving range at the former Oakridge Golf Course on Cottle Road will be closed in one month for good.

Plaza de Santa Teresa update - August 13, 1999

I spoke with a manager at the McDonalds at the Plaza de Santa Teresa shopping center (Cottle and Santa Teresa). I asked if McDonald's will be closing at Plaza de Santa Teresa. The manager said maybe. This week McDonald's should have broken ground on a store at the new Bernal Plaza. When completed it should have a drive-thru. Both stores are corporate McDonald's and not franchise stores. After the new McDonald's is open, the corporation will evaluate whether to keep the Cottle McDonald's open. If it is even 10% less profitable, McDonald's would close the Cottle Road store.

Great Oaks area construction projects - August 13, 1999

I spoke with a senior official from Sobrato Development a few weeks ago. The building you see nearing completion at San Ignacio and Via Del Oro is for Symbol Technologies. I have seen flyers that Symbol Technologies plans to move in this week. Eventually there will be a 4 building campus with 100,000 square feet of office space.

Santa Teresa Village update - August 13, 1999

Delia's Cleaners at Santa Teresa Village can not close the store afterall since they are currently in a "continuous operation" lease. The store is still marginally profitable even with the new Delia's Cleaners open for business at the new Bernal Plaza.

A Japanese restaurant "Sushi Boat Town" plans to open where the old Togo's Eatery used to be.

Jamba Juice Grand Opening Celebration

Saturday, June 26 Jamba Juice at Bernal Plaza will be having their grand opening celebration. A steel band will be performing and there are plans for free five minute massages while you enjoy the festivities.

Bernal Plaza / Santa Teresa Village shopping center Update - June 25, 1999

As of June 24, the new Delia's Cleaners at Bernal Plaza and the Delia's Cleaners at Santa Teresa Village are both open. However, in a couple of weeks, the Delia's Cleaners at Santa Teresa Village will be closing and transferring to the new store at Bernal Plaza.

Proposed Calpine power plant aka Metcalf Energy Center

The clock is officially ticking for the proposed power plant in Santa Teresa/Coyote Valley. Today the five California Energy Commission commissioners accepted the "data adequacy" recommendation of the CEC staff by a vote of 5-0. The two CEC commissioners have also been assigned to the case. For those who would like to formally participate in the process, you can now officially become "intervenors."

Muriel Wright Girls' Ranch Correctional Facility

Elizabeth Cord spoke with Mr. Kuhns of the Muriel Wright Girls' Ranch Correctional Facility. It is located on Bernal Road, up in the hills adjacent to Santa Teresa County Park.

The construction of an additional dormitory facility is currently underway. The Ranch currently has 41 beds; the new dormitory will provide an additional 30 beds, raising the total to 71. The construction should be complete by early Fall.

Great Oaks area construction projects

Sobrato Development has 23 acres at Via Del Oro and San Ignacio and is currently developing the property. Eventually, it will be a four building campus. Current grading is for a 100,000 sf 2-story building.

At the corner of San Ignacio and Bernal is under contract to be sold to Jack in the Box, subject to them getting the necessary entitlements.

At the corner of Santa Teresa and San Ignacio is currently under development for a small R&D office.

Bernal Plaza / Plaza de Santa Teresa Update - June 18, 1999

As of June 18, Wolf Camera has relocated from Plaza de Santa Teresa to Bernal Plaza. Delia's Cleaners has also opened at Bernal Plaza as of last weekend.

Expect Delays

The sawhorse at the intersection of ST & Bernal that says to expect delays on 6/20 and 6/27 relates to the following:

6/20 Danskin Women's Triathlon Lake Cunningham bike race. 1,000 - 2,000 bicyclists expected. Coleman Rd - Winfield - Camden Avenue - Trinidad - Almaden Expressway - Almaden Road - Harry Road - Camden - Redwood - Almaden Expressway - 7:15 - 10:30 am

6/27 San Jose International Triathlon Swim, bike, run. 24 miles - Coleman - Santa Teresa - Bailey - McKean Rd. - Almaden Expressway - Lake. 1,200 participants.

The info is from John Rattner of the SJPD Office of Cultural Affairs, 277-5144.

Bernal Plaza / Plaza de Santa Teresa Update - June 13, 1999

A sign is in the window at the Plaza de Santa Teresa Wolf Camera store which says they are moving to their new store at Bernal Plaza effective June 18, 1999.

Bernal Plaza Update - June 11, 1999

Starbuck's Coffee will be officially open Monday June 14th. I spoke with the store manager, Ivelisse Vazquez, at Starbuck's and asked her if she was fully staffed yet. They are currently trying to fill two positions and she said they are always looking for good people. She is looking for people interested in working mornings and weekends. Starbuck's offers $7.75 per hour for workers and $9.25 for managers.

Gold's Gym grand opening gala is June 12th.

Santa Teresa Village Update

There is a sign in the window of the old Togo's Eatery at Santa Teresa Village that a Japanese restaurant is coming soon.

Bernal Plaza Update

Gold's Gym is now open. Wolf Camera, Delia's Cleaners and Starbucks are looking like they are getting closer to being finished as well. A new sign is going up for South Valley Vision Center.

Bernal Plaza Update

Jamba Juice and Togo's will be open for business Tuesday, June 1st. Today (May 28th), Jamba Juice will be giving away one free smoothie to everyone who comes into the Bernal Plaza store during the hours of 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Jamba Juice will be having a grand opening celebration with live music June 26th.

Gold's Gym plans to be open the middle of next week after the final inspections have taken place. Their grand opening gala will be June 12th. Customer service representatives Ed Hunting and Kristen Macaracy invite you to come visit them. They are in the store right now to answer any questions you may have.

Ground Breaking Ceremony for Fire Station Twenty-Seven at Bernal Road and Via Serena

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony Friday May 28th from 11:00 to 1:00 at Bernal Road and Via Serena. Charlotte Powers will be there.

Plaza de Santa Teresa update

Trader Joe's officially said they would not be interested in the vacant Lucky's store at Plaza de Santa Teresa. Click here if you would like to see the text of the letter sent to Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group. There is no official word on any possible tenants for the abandoned building as of yet. I have heard many things of late, but will wait to get an official word from the responsible parties. Those of you interested in helping to find a tenant for the Lucky's store, please send an email.

Social Security Administration signs are up

Signs are now on the old State Farm claims office building at Cottle Road near Santa Teresa Boulevard for the new Social Security Administration office.

Tenant update for Bernal Oaks shopping center (May 27th)

There are now signs up for Gold's Gym, Starbucks Coffee, Togo's, Jamba Juice, Lee Nails, Wolf Camera Supercuts, PostalAnnex, Regal Bagel and Delia's Cleaners. Lee Nails and Postal Annex are open for business. Gold's Gym and Jamba Juice look like they can be open any day now.

List of tenants for Bernal Oaks shopping center

According to one of the new tenants I met preparing to open at the new shopping center, several more stores are now known to be moving in. Currently there are signs for Starbucks Coffee, Togo's and Lee Nails. Yet to see their store front signs are Gold's Gym, Staples, Wolf Camera, a postal annex and an unnamed restaurant. In addition, I was told that on the land nearest Bernal Road, there will be a McDonald's, Blockbuster and Shell gas station. Jamba Juice has a sign to the right of the Starbucks Coffee.

Park in the Palmia development

While passing out flyers last Saturday (3/13/99) in the new Palmia homes, I met a neighbor who wanted to know when the park inside the Palmia development would be completed. I asked our San Jose City Councilmember, Charlotte Powers, and San Jose City Parks Deputy Director, Jim Norman, if they had any information to update the community. Ms. Powers was the first to answer.[SAS]


Thanks for your email regarding the park in the Palmia Development. My understanding is that the park should be complete within the next three to four months, depending on the weather. The process for naming the park is now underway. Two suggestions have been made: Palmia Park or Oakridge Park. If you have a preference let us know. Again, thanks for contacting us.


Recycling center removed

Saw tonight (3/6/99) that the recycling center at Cottle and Santa Teresa has been removed. Tom Wilson of Duckett-Wilson said at the last Lucky's community meeting that it would be removed when Lucky's left.

Togo's at Santa Teresa Village relocating

Saw today (3/6/99) that Togo's will be relocating from Santa Teresa Village and moving to the new shopping center at San Ignacio and Bernal.

Santa Teresa Village shopping center landscaping

I noticed today (2/24/99) that the shopping center was getting new landscaping. They were doing the strips nearest to the street on Santa Teresa Blvd. as well as all of the parking divider strips. Perhaps they are courting the neighborhood for a more pleasant shopping experience.

Road Construction on Curie Drive

I asked the construction crew on Friday (2/19/99) that has been digging up Curie Drive between Cottle Road and Camino Verde Drive who they were doing it for since they were not identifiable to any of the utility companies. They said it was for Pacific Bell and that Pacific Bell would be installing new cable. Would anyone like to follow-up on this and see why and how long this is going to take? I am sure the neighbors on Camino Verde don't want to stare at the heavy equipment and pipes in front of their houses. We can post the official findings on the news page.

99 Ranch Market Closed

Donna was at Long's Drug Store today (2/8/99) at Blossom Hill Road and Snell Avenue and saw that the 99 Ranch Market in Bloom Plaza was closed. The windows were covered with paper so you couldn't see in.

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