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Saturday, December 18th, 2004 @ 9:22 AM
Subj: Coyote Valley
From: (Tim Duffy)

Why develop Coyote Valley if San Jose and other bay area cities can not support an operational school system. Why do young children have to pull executive hours to travel 15 miles across town just to go to school? How sad. The Silicon Valley has supported many people in the valley and inflated the cost of housing to a vomiting high. That is great for those that owned before the inflation, yet does nothing for those that are just starting off in the valley. This same great valley has cause heartache by laying off their staff members because the company profits did not support employees. But they still support the overpaid CEO, CFO and like staff that does not take blame for failures. If the Commanding Officer of a military unit has to take the heat for failure these individuals should too.

I am not impacted by these problems, but donít see with greedy or clouded eyes. I see and read what impacts bay area individuals, partners, and families. Why donít us as people bite back and quite accepting this way of life. An article I read about this so called great/not so great Wal-Mart company and their European division said the European way of working less then so many hours per week was not acceptable and would not work for their company. I say lets bring the European way of life here. We can produce greatness in 5-6 hour days, as the other working hours are usually spent in meetings that produce nothing, committees that have no ability to continue once they produce an end product. Great ideas always start without thought on how they will carry through 6 years later, because they never fit in the daily operational procedures of a normal work day.

I have been plugging the development of Coyote Valley with affordable housing thoughts that are not high density housing projects such as apartments, townhouses, or condos. Why not build affordable structures such as pre-fabricated (modular) homes where this same person that could purchase a high density house could have a backyard? This is happening in a local bay area city I hope it works. It is being built by a well known local contractor. I applaud this company for taking action and I hope I am able to upgrade from my condo to one of these pre-fabricated houses. I am a single parent and this is how I see this valley. I only hope the City of San Jose gets it straight as they certainly are having exposed their failures. Why Coyote Valley.

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