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Santa Teresa High School Activities Ban

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2003 @ 8:32 PM
Subj: Restrictions at Santa Teresa High School

This is just absolutely appalling! Where do these people come off deciding for the SCHOOL when and how they can run their sports programs? Was the school not there when these people bought their homes? When you buy a house that sits on the back side of the fence dividing the school from their backyard, perhaps you need to be ready for a little noise. Is there not any noise during P.E. classes? This is what happens when the principal and the superintendent try to appease 3 families instead of being concerned about the good of all the students and the school, itself. Who do these 3 families have in their pockets that would ALLOW them to be able to do this? There are NO laws that support their claims. Noise ordinances only apply before 8:00 a.m. and after 10:00p.m., so legally, it would seem that these few homeowners have no stance. This is utterly ridiculous and COMPLETELY unfair to our kids. What did these people do when their children went to school and were in sports? Did they gripe about the noise then? No, I'm sure they were grateful that there were sports activities that kept their children busy and in focus, and their grades up---because that's what it takes to stay in a sport. Commitment and good grades. This is not only a fun time for the kids, but it also teaches them that, in order to get ahead in life, you have to do well in school. Sports help to maintain this, also.

For these few families to deny MY child (and all the students of Santa Teresa High School) the opportunity to participate in sports and to apply themselves to these activities is outright disgusting. These few families have literally NO RIGHT to make that decision for MY child!! What's worse is that Santa Teresa is the ONLY school in the entire district that has to abide by this rule! How unfair can this possibly be? All the other schools in the district are busily practicing for football season, and a handful of immature people have blocked this possibility for Santa Teresa, and yet, come August, they claim they will "allow" our students to practice---but, by that time, S.T.'s football team will be FIVE WEEKS behind the other schools in the district. This is not ONLY a disadvantage, but could also cause great bodily harm for our children in that they won't be as prepared for when the game season begins.

If there is ANYONE who can help us in this frustrating and appalling situation....PLEASE contact Santa Teresa High School ASAP! Any help that can be offered is very greatly appreciated!

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