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La Colina Park

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Tuesday, June 20th, 2000 @ 11:09 PM
Subj: La Colina Park / S.J. City Council meet 6-20-00
From: (Mike & Joanie Murphy)

To: All friends of La Colina Park and all members of the La Colina Park Boosters Club,

SAY HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!!!

ANNOUNCING: The San Jose City Council today APPROVED the expenditure of $653,200 for the renovation and improvements to La Colina Park! They awarded the contract to the lowest bidder, Lone Star Landscape, Inc. As mentioned in a previous posted note (see ) it will take 6-8 weeks before actual work can begin but now it is actually scheduled TO BEGIN !!!!

Many thanks to all the neighborhood citizens for all the effort! Not only participation in the Spring of '99 meetings and following up with questions and helpful comments but the continuous efforts of those who helped put together the La Colina Park Master Plan of 1981; those who pushed to get the fence around the Park in 1988 (to keep 4-wheelers and motorbikes off The Hill at 6am on weekends), those who donated and planted the Pine trees on The Hill 25+? years ago, those who came to neighborhood meetings over the past 30 years asking for ONE picnic table with a barbeque for their kids to experience (now it will happen with their grandchildren!) and again; Thanks to everyone for coming to the Spring of '99 meetings and telling the Parks Department what YOU wanted. That's what made this finally happen !!!

What will happen? A bathroom with adjoining storage area (for City Recreation equipment in support of City sports in the Park) located near the Community Gardens at West end of Park (the one street where the homes do not face into the Park), a new Tot Lot, a new recreation area for older children, renovation at all three main entrances to accommodate users of wheelchairs but hopefully still restrict the entry of motorcycles, three or more new picnic areas with tables, shade trees, and barbeque facilities, and more of the Parks Department's famous landscaping !!!!! What A Deal !!!

When will it be finished? Weellllll.... it was supposed to be done by Christmas of '99 so I guess I'll be overjoyed if it's done by Christmas of 2000..... but hopefully the barbeques will be ready in time to have ONE HUGE MULTIPLE BLOCK PARTY in the park before winter weather sets in.
See You There !

Yours in Action,

Mike Murphy, Coordinator of La Colina Park Boosters Club & Open Space Coordinator,
Santa Teresa Citizens Action Group
>< Comments and ideas always welcome!

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