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Thursday, July 24th, 2008 @ 1:44 AM
Subj: Re: safety in santa teresa

I live in 95139 also, and have noticed two new families here that are very concerning to me. They associate with each other closely and may be related. They have large groups of teenagers associating and seem to be somewhat of a nuisance. The boys seem to like to like to yell obscenities at cars passing by and have even seemed to try to chase my car one time for no reason. The girls accross the street that are close friends or cousins or something seem to be very gang related and almost seem to try to intimidate citizens with dirty looks and body language in general. Since these two families (or one family) has moved in I have had annoying things happen such as someone letting the air out of my tires (which happened to be on my daughters 3rd birthday and kinda ruined it because we had to deal with gettin the tire fixed during the time we were supposed to be celebrating). I have lived in the area for over five years, and have a sister who has lived in the area previous to me for another five years. We have never had a problem in the area or with any of the residence before. I'm pretty sure it was these particular people since they sent a younger "scout" out to pass our house over and over to watch us as we were fixing the flat. It was pretty obvious. And you never see any adults at either house, like they are completely oblivious to the actions of their children and uninvolved in their lives. The one adult I do see is an older woman who looks very tired and strung out on drugs. What can we do about this sort of intrusion in our neighborhood? Obviously I did not make a police report about my car tires, it is a minor thing, but not if it happens to you. Has anyone else had any problems with people who live in the area where Avenida Espana and Avenida Rotella join? One family is at the end of Avenida Espana, the other is accoss the street (to the side of the other) on Avenida Rotella. You will know who I mean if you have experienced anything resembling my experiences. I don't want to chase the families away, just make the adults take responsibility for their unruly teens, and get the one girl out of the gang (don't want that in my neighborhood).
A Concerned Neighborhood Resident

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