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South San Jose, CA Real Estate Recently Sold

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Real Estate > Campbell > Campbell

Address Price Date(s) Other Info
1166 Capri Drive CAP : $459,000
FSP : $430,000
Price per sq ft : $209
CTM : 1/06/2003
DP : 4/29/2003
DF : 6/02/2003
Days on Market : 147
3Br/2.5Ba/3St 2196 SqFt

Townhouse Sold in Campbell - Campbell
Listed By : Matt and Penny Tenczar/Alain Pinel Realtors, Phone : 997-7934, Email

2740 Dresser Court

IAP : $950,888
CAP : $950,888
FSP : $951,000
Price per sq ft : $385
CTM : 6/16/2005
DP : 6/23/2005
DF : 8/27/2005
Days on Market : 72
4Br/2.5Ba/2St 2469 SqFt

Single Family Home Sold in Campbell - Campbell
Listed By : William Lister/Coldwell Banker, Phone : 355-1551, Email

635 Louise Court

IAP : $849,000
CAP : $849,000
FSP : $800,250
Price per sq ft : $499
CTM : 6/14/2006
DP : 7/12/2006
DF : 8/05/2006
Days on Market : 52
4Br/2Ba/1St 1700 SqFt

Single Family Home Sold in Campbell - Campbell
Listed By : William Lister/Coldwell Banker, Phone : 355-1551, Email

173 Orchard Park Circle

IAP : $759,000
CAP : $749,900
FSP : $738,000
Price per sq ft : $442
CTM : 2/22/2007
DP : 4/04/2007
DF : 4/21/2007
Days on Market : 58
3Br/2.5Ba/2St 1695 SqFt

Townhouse Sold in Campbell - Campbell
Listed By : Daniel McGuire/Realty World - @ Wanda Klor &, Phone : 997-9575, Email

1127 Smith Avenue

IAP : $779,000
CAP : $779,000
FSP : $830,000
Price per sq ft : $519
CTM : 2/19/2007
DP : 2/28/2007
DF : 3/21/2007
Days on Market : 30
3Br/2Ba/1St 1500 SqFt

Single Family Home Sold in Campbell - Campbell
Listed By : William Lister/Coldwell Banker, Phone : 355-1551, Email

Real Estate listings last updated Saturday, July 14, 2007 6:14 PM

Green Current price or sales price is greater than initial asking price
Red Current price or sales price is less than initial asking price
Blue Current price or sales price is the same as the initial asking price
Black Unknown initial asking price
If initial asking price isn't known, current asking price is used
CTM Came to Market IAP Initial Asking Price
DP Date Pending Sale CAP Current Asking Price
DF Date Sale Final FSP Final Sales Price

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